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A Deaf Guide to Quit Smoking with Mental Strength

find some answers.
I found a way to find information and got online, over ten years ago
and it was a dial-up so I planned every move I make, the questions I
ask myself and the answers which will tell me how to solve my
But it took a lot longer than I anticipated.
I learned a lot of things over the years, some good, some negative. In
all, I learned that I have to accept that there are things I'll never see
happens, and things I can actually do. I was proud of myself.
I'd think of a problem, and I'd ask myself questions and figure out
answers and see if it is possible, by looking up the answers (and
questions) online, and there it is, it is possible to quit smoking, to give
the body better nutrition, and so on and so forth.
All you need to find answers is to ask yourself what is lacking in
your life and figure out how to solve that problem, or series of
I found quit smoking information to be the hardest thing to
understand. Most of it was so contradictory all they say is, "Just quit,
that's all there is to it." I don't see how it would be that easy. I read as
many books as I can get my hands on, ebooks, anything.
Until I found Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Smoking, and his book
proved to me that smoking is inherent deep inside us, where we have
forgotten why we smoke at all, and the only one who knows is the inner
child inside us, the subconscious who believes anything without any
discrimination between facts and fiction.
It was an eye-opener, learning Carr's information. And this sets me
to thinking of my childhood, as to how and why I became a smoker in
the first place. I delved so deep I remembered a lot of things I thought I
had forgotten, but my subconscious recorded it all.
I found the right information, now I needed some sort of device,
something that would limited my ability to smoke.
I tested a few products.
One product, NicoBloc.
It was five or so years ago, and I was determined to quit. I felt ready,
though I had tried many times before.
I bought NicoBloc, for $60.00 AUD. I smoked harder than I ever
smoked before, just to get the same amount of high. NicoBloc just