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A Deaf Guide to Quit Smoking with Mental Strength

Chapter Two
Discovery - How I Put Together the Clues
For years I smoked, constantly, every day.
There was no end to it.
Every day I wakes up, I would feel peace, no cares in the world, but
then, like my noisy tinnitus, the cravings made themselves felt.
The need to smoke was so overwhelming, it was difficult to think
beyond the next cigarette.
I'd grabbed the pouch, pulls out some shreds and lined them up on
the Rizla+ roll-owns paper, rolling them to my satisfaction and then
licking the edges and then rolling the paper into a cylinder.
And then lighting up, inhaling my first smoke of the morning,
deeply, feeling the slight rush of buzz warming me from the inside out.
I feel light-headed for a moment and then my body, amazing as it is,
adapted to the new conditions and I smoked throughout the day to get
to that rush buzz that I liked to get but could never get.
Every day I smoked, the less I felt any desire for anything else
except to drown my consciousness in my books, for adventures in far
places which I'll never see in my lifetime.
And year by year, living within my poverty allowance set by the
government, I try to block out my dreams, of being free, of being
healthy and most of all, to not smoke any more.
But such dreams are not possible. So I sought some way to find
information on how, if it is at all possible, to quit smoking, somehow,
in some way.
I did not care how long it would take me. For I had discovered a
My teeth was hurting, and smoking seems to hurt them some,
including some foods and I was worried and stressed as to how I could