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A Deaf Guide to Quit Smoking with Mental Strength

high it is, but the height of the wall prevents anyone from seeing down
to the area behind the bus stop, and it's about three feet wide, so there
was plenty of room to stand around there and smoke slowly, savouring
the taste of the smoke going down into our lungs.
One day, I was alone behind the bus stop, smoking. My friends Trey
and Craig having left mere moments before, having finished their
smokes. I had spotted a girl spying us, but I thought nothing of it.
Suddenly I noticed my teacher bearing down on me, with an intent
look on her face, her eyes was like... wow. For one wild moment I had a
second's fantasy, but I was wrong. (I really liked her, but I'm a kid, oh
well. Just a teen's hormones mixed up with a crush on his teacher.)
Ms Whistle (not her real name) stood right in front of me, her beauty
enhanced by her flushed cheeks, and she reached out and took the
cigarette right out of my hand while I stood there transfixed in a state of
She dropped the cigarette on the ground, deliberately, slowly, while
her eyes came up to bore into my eyes, grinds her shoe on it until the
cigarette was nothing but a mess, and then she reached out and took my
ear in her hand and pulls me along, all without saying a word.
The pain in my ear dispels the fantasy notions and my mind went
blank, as I stumbles along her side where her hand still has a hold on my
ear, and I struggle to ease the hurt of my ear. Thanks, lady.
Suffice to say is that I got detention and a puzzle.
Someone rats me out. I was not sure if it was the girl who spied us,
but maybe it was my so-called friend, Trey.
I have no proof, but... I began to be very careful.
I noticed that most of the troubles seems to come from him when I
was thinking he was a good friend. But I am not sure. (sighs)... though
he claimed it was one of the girls, and when he said it he had that
innocent look on his face, like he was trying too hard.
It matters not.
All I got from that episode is the sudden craving to smoke which he
helps awoke with Peter Jackson. Thanks mate.
4) Year 11 - The Two Colleges on Both Sides of the Swan River.
By the time Year 11 came around, I was told that I have TWO