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A Deaf Guide to Quit Smoking with Mental Strength

And I have my cravings to know what people say, what they think of
things, but I was so shy, I never say a word, mostly I waited so I can be
at home so I can get at the books.
I was so hungry inside my soul, hungry to know the world around
I took to refusing my little brother and friend's invitation to go out to
places I knew I would be bored out of my skull, fearing boredom more
than anything else, preferring my books to their worlds of talking
whatever they talks about that they find so interesting.
I glimpsed this stuff in the books, so my books was my only means of
connecting with the world around me, even if it is fiction, but that was
better than standing there trying to guess whoever was saying a second
ago and keeping track of conversations of who said what. (sighs).
I guess they never thought about what I felt, how isolated I felt, how
lonely I felt, even when they includes me in some conversations, but I
always can see, how impatient they get to move on, to stop lagging
behind in order to includes me in some of their conversations.
It doesn't matter.
I live in my world and that is all that matters to me.
The world out there do not exist for me anymore.
I have not smoked during my early high school, but by the time I
enters my third year high school, a different one than the two years I
went to previously, I enters a world where peer pressure enacts
enormous pressures on everyone, except for those who don't give a
3) Year 10 - 14 years old - Melville High School.
I was 14 years old when my deaf friends introduces me to Peter
Jackson, a cigarette brand.
We took to smoking at the bus stop, behind which is the perfect
hiding place.
There's a wall that separate the school from the bus stop. The wall
blocks the view of the scene behind the bus stop from the classrooms
right there.
The wall is about ten or twelve feet high. I didn't exactly took a
measuring tape to the wall, to be accurate for you. I had to guess how