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A Cultural Paradox Fun in Mathematics

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Published: 5 years ago

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This FREE, ready-for-download eBook is ideal for students who need a little push to get motivated, and is also great for scientists and those in the math community who like to stay abreast on relevant and current topics. Perfect as supportive text to any science course or class. Download it today!

George Guekos

Well written, topics appealing to the reader. No need to have a math background, quite easy to understand. A little more information for the reader on some topics would improve the book.

Emmanuel Charles

Thanks, I have always want such material.

nilesh mittal

its intersting i love this


Well written book and an easy read with some useful links and info to Google on maths


just so sweet .........


Though I was not really passionate about maths this book is such a wonderful compilation of reality. Recommended for sure ;p guys who likes maths will love it... for others its a real knowledge base and a intro to a different perspective of maths;) Worth a READ !!!

Tirtha Debnath

It is a very good eBook for math lovers


As a post-college member of society I've been on a mission to expand my horizons, more specifically a quest of giving second chances (particularly to things that once made me curse the heavens) thus my reading a book about math. A friend of mine suggested it and I can honestly say that no bias in the world could have made me like math...nope, either math won me over or my heart would remain stone. (I went to an arts college that did not require math of the reasons I picked it.) Friends, this book is such a great delight that I needed to share it. It's made me think about the Universe a little differently and although I may not go out and take a Trig class it certainly challenged my long held feelings on this mysterious thing called 'math.' The book is a quick read with short (but insightful) chapters and not a hint of confusing math lingo. Not once did I feel like I was being lectured at but rather a dialogue was being created between myself and the author. I felt that the author simply wanted to share his love and passion for a subject he sees being misunderstood all the time. I cannot recommend this book more...but I%u2019ll try! It%u2019s an amazing read and a great way to inspire those who thought they were done with math. Perhaps it will inspire someone to re-explore math but at the very least I believe it will lead to understanding and respecting math for the beautiful part of the Universe it is.


Jeffrey A. Zilahy

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