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A Call from the Dark

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Published: 4 years ago

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Author: Adam Deverell

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What would you do if you found yourself trapped in a movie rental store at ten o’clock at night? Just you and a one prank-calling psycho right out of a B-Grade horror movie. Fifteen-year-old Stacey has just started working part-time in the Video Saloon, a run down, cruddy old video store. She needs the money, as her widowed father is finding it increasingly difficult to cope at home and work. She also finds herself involved in a pirated DVD ring where it’s easy to get in, but not so easy to get out. The ring leader wants revenge, but Stacey discovers revenge can work both ways…

Ishaan Chandok

Great Book, there may have been some grammatical issues but that didn't make me put the book down.

Rabia Mirza

Good job! I was really thrilled when stacey was ambushed. U hav got a gripping writing style. (Y)

Marigold Maple

Kinda good...but there's some grammer mistakes though. One time it said in the book "Dad actually paying for me and Stacey to go somewhere." There is a number of problems. After the word "Dad" there should be an "is" and "me and Stacey" should be revised as "Stacey and I." Another mistake of that particular sentence is the person "Stacey" name. The person who wrote this was most likely meant to write Skye. Well...that was one sentence. There are tons more like it, but don't make the mistake in this book stop you from reading this. Read! :D

Debbie Mcdonnell

Couldn't put it down

payal gupta

i love the book


Nice short story... With a cute ending. :)

arya sikder

Interesting storyline.Really enjoyed reading it.Well done!

Morris Kenyon

I enjoyed this book. Yes, it did sag a little after 1/3 in but I'm glad I stuck with it as it picked up again. The characters are all realistic and well described. Worth reading.


It was only exciting about 40 pages. It is quiet boring.


i really liked it...............hope there are more of these types of books coming by the author........this is just the type of books i want to me everyting was in a balance

Jasmine Delaney

I Love It! It's an Amazing Novel About Piracy & It is a Big Influence!

anindita roy

this is a really good book. well written, gripping plot and cool characters. i was actually a bit sad when the book ended. keep writing adam. best of luck

Eun S Lee

Contrary to my expectations (263 Likes), I found it boring and couldn't resist closing the book.

Mal Owen

Clever writing and an enjoyable plot

Mariella Vella

Good short book. Keep they coming Adam


Great short book about video pirating


I found a few errors, but i loved the story. I never wanted to stop reading. Stories involving teenagers in high school are always inspiring.

Alan Kirby

Interesting read....kept my attention throughout.....very good.

Rosemary Henry

I thought at one point it was Dad terrorizing his own daughter for some extra cash


Fun reading it.It just seemed like a real life story happening in front of my eyes.....hope to get more to read n enjoy.


Amazing! I read it in three days, and I'm Italian...


Nice quick read,didn't want to put it down.

Hannah Jane Macleod

Thought it was going to a rubbish book, then got really into it and couldnt put it down:D Amazing read, anymore ?

Verla Townsend

Nice easy read. It keeps you thinking.


I got hooked right in the beggining !(:


It was a little slow in the fist chapter, but from the middle on, it was a very good book, every page makes you to want to keep reading.

Shayan Pal

it is a good book

Aahli Ni

I really loved this story, I wish there was a part 2, this is my favorite book and it has made me write a story about horror also! I will always love this book, its so nice


I LOVED this book it was really interesting... I scared myself silly reading the part where there was an intruder in the Video Saloon i couldn't get to sleep for ages... Great Book... ^-^


thx,i really enjoyed reading it, i think i have a good picture about an austrilian girl :) by the way,now i can assure you that the call was not from a ghost,lol :).

Andy Brown

read this one and thought it was good

parth r patel

It stretches the story's too long...der r many unwanted character introduced in d book..


The story line was good, expecially for the younger audience. There was a few glaring errors - for example the reset code was 3-3-6-? in one spot then a few pages later 3-3-5-? There were many typos and some grammatical errors. All of these could have been caught by a proof reader. Pat

manuel padilla

I like the story, had a good mystery in it. who were the bad guys and what was going to happen next...


I think it was a little to childish for me. Maybe it's because it seems like there is so much of the same type of story out there that it is getting to old, or it could be the fact that is written in a young teen mindset, but something just does not click with me reading this.

Rianh Silvertree

I liked it. Appealing main character, nice writing style.

Laura Mara- Rowe

Spelling was terrible, and i cant spell! The words mum instead of mom bothered me. Not a book i would recommend.

Nicole Patrick

I liked this book, but the grammatical errors were a bit distracting. It was interesting enough to finish, but there was not a lot of suspense.

Doris Chen

Story structure lacks variety, pretty dull by reading it without surprises.


this is one of the shortest book ive read but yet so hard to put down...pretty cool


Well written. Very good.


Not bad for a first go, but too much detail, too many spelling or typing errors, and characters being switched around towards the end make it less enjoyable to read. Some editing would help.

Tonia Bagby Arvidson

Not a bad story but it jumped around too much and went off in detail on things that didn't need to be expanded on

Erica Medellin

i closed the book after the first word. boring


The text is pretty poorly written, I closed it after the 1st two pages. Simple grammar mistakes are annoying to read.


The story could have been much more interesting if the writer tried to elaborate on certain scenes more. It's a great story line that could have been moulded to a top downloaded thriller – the writer has the right idea, just needs to use the imagination more. I was disappointed on how it ended; It felt more like a book for young audience (12 – 16 years) than the type of audience that downloads books from the internet (18 )


very slow moving and not enough excitement....


Just was something I had to finish...not that engaging.


Great book. Not alot of detail but interesting

Natalia De Jesus

Just one word.... AWESOME! :)


Adam Deverell

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