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A Bridge Too Far

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Published: 1 year ago

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Author: Bryan Britton

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An autobiography of one South African's experiences growing up in Apartheid riddled South Africa. Between 1948 and 1994 South Africa was abhorred by the world because of it's dreadful separate development policies. Life however had to go on for South Africa's multi cultured citizens. Here is one man's account of those draconian days.


Stepping Stones by the same author... The issue of morality in schools: I guess that refers to moral education in the classroom, in the system, or even in the home. When that issue does come up: in debates, in conferences, or in books, the intent is somewhat nebulous. Most writers and speakers seem rather vague about the intended application of their offering: Are they providing structured guidance that can be used by educators in the classroom to awaken a moral sensitivity in the youth; or, are they just lamenting what is missing? Then I come across a book titled, Stepping Stones, by Bryan Britton. Published in 2010 and available from xlibris,loot,amazon,google,kindle, barnes & noble and ebay.This ‘anthology of moral wisdom’ is a well categorised collection of ethical common sense. And that’s what I like about it. This book is not offering a trite technique to transcend temptation – there are enough self-help soft covers out there. This book is not a whiney whinge of what is not working; it is not a critical cacophony of complaints – there is enough senseless sensationalism out there. This book is not entirely neutral either; it is neither unbiased nor reserved – the author has his say.And that is what I like about the book. It is a record of ancient, classical and contemporary moral quotes and anecdotes – a reminder of the lessons never learned. As the author states, “The benefits of learning, character building, moral education and religion were lost in the turmoil of the 1980s and 1990s, resulting in a rudderless, sometimes murderous element, pervading South African society.” Stepping Stones serves as a reminder – it serves as a silver lining. It tells us what we can and could – and it refrains from preachy prattle about what we shall and should.That is why I enjoyed reading the book. The structure and content of Stepping Stones • Ancient lessons: Includes The Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes and the Deadly Sins. • Classic lessons: Includes Buddah, Isaac Newton and Mahatma Ghandi. • Modern lessons: Includes Martin Luther King, Eckhart Tolle and John Demartini. • Youth topics: Includes success, happiness and education. • South African topics: Includes Nelson Mandela, evil managers and the youth.The author – Mr Bryan Britton, Educated in South Africa, at Christian Brothers College and the University of the Witwatersrand, the author has spent 40 years in the field of financial management. During this time, he was involved in a wide variety of industries, ranging from beverages, security, banking, design, advertising, venture capital, healthcare, auditing, stock-broking and software. Having suffered a stroke in 2005, Bryan Britton retired from active business and dedicated himself to writing on topics of youth, motivation and education.I Care The author has pledged 75% of the proceeds from the book to I Care. This non-profit organisation is devoted to finding meaningful and sustainable solutions to the challenge of street children in South Africa. The over-riding motive is to change street kids from being dependent on society, into productive members of that society. I Care raises and channels funds into awareness, outreach, rehabilitation, housing/shelter and education. I strongly urge teachers, learners and students (even the parents) to purchase a copy of Stepping Stones. The money goes for a good cause – and the content conveys a message we are all sorely lacking. Janos Bozsik – Editor Education Southern Africa Magazine May 2011 Issue Selected pages


This Autobiography is a brilliant exposition of the life of a very clever, able, action orientated but nevertheless self-effacing man. The extremely interesting and revealing facts given expression in this work, introduce the reader to the cut, thrust and parry of big business and go on to describe in fascinating detail the successful manner in which these issues were handled and managed by Bryan Britton, in order to control the huge undertakings for which he was responsible; to establish a new company; or to advise executive directors. What shines through most markedly too is the fact that Bryan is a creative writer. These facts are articulated in a light hearted manner which makes this Autobiography a pleasure to read. Where mistakes were made, these are acknowledged with wry humour. What comes through very strongly to the intellectual and discerning reader is Bryan's understated academic and sporting ability. Reading between the lines the erudite observer will no doubt acknowledge that there must have been many an occasion when Bryan was steeped in worry and stress, but carried on bravely, turning disadvantage into advantage. It is a demonstration of Bryan's strength of character that he does not articulate many of the concerns that beset him from time to time. There were also very many light hearted, pleasurable and celebratory times and Bryan highlights these when necessary, but cleverly, the reader is left to imagine the detail. As a climax to a very successful life, this Autobiography deserves, after being read, to take its rightful place beside the most precious books in a person’s individual library. Dr. G L CogginManagement Consultant


Bryan Britton

Retired as Financial Executive in 2005 and turned to writing to express his concerns over the decline in morality in post Mandela South Africa. If not checked South Africa will slide into the morass of Failed States that typify post colonial Africa.

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