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A Abba's Apocalypse

An invisible presence hastily pushes me towards my
objective. I see a way out-although I do not see my helper. Its
touch is an all encompassing beacon of hope. The entity draws
me out, as this deep heavy worrisome ocean continues to
smashes me on its sea floor. I know without this helper I
would be another permanent petrified fixture in this palace of
depression within its dungeon of damnation. Invisible hands
brush aside the cloak of this concealed menace waiting to
pounce upon me. These hands clutch and carry me past this
hideous attacker. In a brief moment, there is hope, but this
new place brings me no relief.
Time here is a forgotten thought. It’s nothing more than
a reminder of the constant unending pain. I taste a different
agony, but its blessed curse has followed me from the prior
essence. Eternity’s measurement here forever fans the flames
whipping each soul with its perpetual burning stings. I stare
through the flames that burn alive these screaming souls,
while searching out the prince of pain. I watch their flesh melt,
as the roaring blaze tears tender pieces off each suffering
victim. This inferno does not consume its captive, but the
surrounding darkness does swallow the flames. This is a dark
hideous place. I wish no more than to just die. A revolting
stench of sulfur precedes Perdition. His poisonous fragrance
causes me to convulse. Concealed in the shadows of this dark
abyss, he taunts and teases each soul mercilessly. I hear his
laughing voice, mocking them on their choice to come here.
He reveals glimpses of overwhelming joy that could be, if
they’d only chosen differently. His hateful presence is
overwhelmingly unbearable. I know he watches over his
dominion, savoring this treasure they stole from God. I feel his
sadistic pleasure, as his Relentless festively feast on each of
their screams and miseries. They enjoy straining every morsel
of every agonizing scream through their gnashing teeth.
Great sorrow wars with unbearable loneliness that competes
with the eternal fire. Selfishness drips and oozes a despairing
rain everywhere; fueling this undying inferno.