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A Abba's Apocalypse

Chapter 1: Dungeon of Damnation
I am forever cloaked in this despairing cold night as I
peer through this inescapable looming damp dark fog. I hide
myself and watch it restlessly devour its submissive shadowy
subjects. I am afraid and cold-oh so cold. All my senses tingle
with a heighten awareness I’ve not felt before. Nervous
perspiration tingles on my neck as the current of this moist
chill eerily moves over me. I reverently remain motionless,
hoping to go unnoticed. I dread evil lurks here and will
discover me. Its malevolence must be savoring my growing
dripping fear. I sense its wicked spirit lurking in the freezing
flow that churns this ocean of depression. Waves of empty
loneliness crash over me. I observe its terrible essence gobble
these night silhouettes so gracefully; as a ballerina skirting
across this eternal night stage. It swirls effortlessly and
carelessly, brushing its shades of gray strained through the
fog. How I pity these wretched tortured souls. Each lonely
subject patiently awaits the beast, praying it will make an end
to their never ending misery. All welcome this murder’s
hands by bending their fleshly necks back. They invite death
to squeeze the life out of their very existence. But, there is no
mercy here. Peace never comes. Oh, the pain of this place. Oh,
the loneliness.
Etched in the distance is a tunnel the fog reveals
through its ebbs and flows. I race to it before it evaporates my
escape route. My hasty retreat is slowed by the weighty
atmosphere pressing upon me. It pushes and pulls me off
course. I struggle with all my might as the coldness cuts me
through to the bone. I shake my head repeatedly, shaking lose
its choke hold. My heart panics and cries out, “You must
continue!” The futility of this place is brutal. I must not stop.
For if I do, I’ll be swallowed up and forever rooted in this
bastion of the eternal unending rest. Something strange comes
and comforts me.