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A Abba's Apocalypse

There is a time in every life when we are faced with
broken pieces. It’s that extraordinary keepsake plate meant for
display purposes only. It possesses the ability to link very
special memories to our heart. It may be an anniversary gift,
or just a souvenir. It’s that object of our affection. It bridges
time and even death. Special rules and laws guard it. It is
bound within a fortress of wood and glass. This cherished
possession is kept clean by faithful hands longing to hold that
loved one again. But, a careless bump jars it free from its
polished prison of protection. Helplessly you watch it roll
down a path towards its destruction. Just then, you may
experience a second death.
You cannot face another funeral. Your heart will not let
the trash can claim its final epitaph. So, you rescue it and fight
to revive it back to life. You cry out to God for help. Finally,
you come to the realization it’s time to give up and accept all
those pieces. All you are left with are broken pieces.