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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

A Abba's Apocalypse

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Published: 2 years ago

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Chaos and evil rule the world. You must bear the brand, or run from the mark and fend for your life. The worldwide organization policing the mark is “Trinity.” Without their brand on your hand or forehead you cannot buy anything of value; especially those things that sustain existence. Those not bearing the brand must hide and figure out a way to survive the demonic forces searching them out. “Trinity” is more than an organization. It is a religion that will drag you to Hell. There is no turning back once you have received their brand. Joey is one of those whom “Trinity” has titled “Irreverent.” He refuses to worship the evil organization and accept the eternal consequences waiting for those who do. Instead, he searches for souls to rescue with his message of salvation.


A really great read. Too short, would like to reade more.

Charles Butler

Thanks Donna. I need all the encouragement I can get. As you can see, this story has gotten mixed review-I guess because of the controversial subject matter. Most Atheist hate it. I do have another book on this site titled "Casanova's Adventure of a Lifetime." It's under the romance on page three. Have a great Christmas and Thanksgiving. I am working on a new book in the series-should be out this summer. Once again, thanks for going out of the way to respond. That is how us free authors get paid. My paperback editions are also available on amazon books


fantastic read, great story line, full of action trepidation,. kept me gripped to my book not wanting to put it down for a second. well written hope to see more from Charles Butler


I love books on end time prophecy.. Unfortunately, I could not get past the first chapter of this one. I guess this proves I am would not survive the end times. LOL. I loved the preface. But chapter one was too full of tongue twisting metaphors, and that imo stifled the story. I am sure the message within this book is very important. But, my opinion is the book is not easy read.

Kevin Lewis

I really liked it! Great story and ending. Well written and excellant suspense throughout. Like Dave said, hope to read more in the future.

Charles Butler

This story is very controversial, but opens my eyes to the prophetic events about to happen. I agree with the author "this story is like none ever written before." What an adventure, and great ending. Hope to read more from him in the future. Dave


Charles Butler

I am a veteran of the U.S. Army that has traveled around the world. My life experience help me portray the adventurous side of my life in my writings. I am originally from South Jersey, but now reside in the Mojave desert valley of California. This place offers solitude. It is a little bit of hell wrapped in heaven. Each of these experiences in my life are incorporated in my stories. Most important is my relationship with Christ Almighty. I only started writing recently and found a love I never knew. Hope my readers continue to like the stories of my life. Charles You might like "Casanova's Adventure of a Lifetime" located unde the Romance link on this site, or both my books on "," including kindle and the paperback versions.

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