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3 Minutes to God - Shooting Cows and 49 Other Ways to See God in Your Life!

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Published: 4 years ago

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3 Minutes to God - Shooting Cows...and 49 other ways to see God in your Life! is a compilation of funny and poignant anecdotes that will help you laugh as you grow closer to God. Enjoy stories with titles like; Almost Shot the Dog, a Cat and My Surfboard; The Old Snake in the Bed Trick; Riding with the Blue Angels; Inventions and Bombs and Prison, Oh MY; and many more. What Others Are Saying about this book: “Hilarious and poignant personal stories that relate to us while revealing deep insights about God.” Pastor Bil Cornelius, Bil Cornelius TV, Author “I Dare You to Change”, Lead/Founding Pastor of Bay Area Fellowship (one of the 100 largest churches in America)

Wade Grassedonio

This book is factual unless noted otherwise.

Jim Bob

Funny fictional book. Great for people to see how the minds of room temperature IQ minds think.


HE truly does work in mysterious ways! an awesome read at any stage of your life.

Jasmine Ng

Wade's very humourous and down to earth sharing of his life's experiences reveals his insight into God's character and love for us. Choosing to read one story a day as a devotional and a daily blessing as it's just too good to read all in one go.


i just got the book and read the first history. love it. i will definitely keep reading.

yvette brunswick

Easy read. Made me aware of the joys in life. Not to take life so seriously. God wants us to laugh!


Wade Grassedonio

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