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3 A.D.

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Published: 3 years ago

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Author: Billie Matejka

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"Enjoyable and believable. The gifted writing style presents a personal and detailed story of the mother of Jesus." - United Methodist Review. Through Mary's eyes, this well-researched novel immerses the reader into the everyday life in Bible times. The author's holy imagination, engaging style and gifted writing, present an intimate and enthralling story of the Holy Family. She has created a glorious "what if?" which leaves the reader only wishing it was fact. Barbara Pugh, Author. "A remarkable and enjoyable work!" - Emogene Marshall


I had just glanced thru and already wishing time will permit now to start devouring the book. surely am not going to sleep tonight.

Alan Lampe

I did enjoy this book and you do learn quite a bit about the time period. It was very good, up until Mary became pregnant and had more children. Also, and this just maybe a formatting error on the epub version, all of the apostrophe's were replaced with question marks. It was bothersome at times. Please double check formatting for all formats before making book available.


I loved this story. To write of Mary being the mother of Jesus, and how blessed he was to have her. I love my savior even more.


This was an enlightening book as I enjoyed Marys life and how it might have been for her during that era. I hope this author writes more on bible characters as it gives such an insight. I took this as a work of fiction and immenseley enjoyed reading it. I am seriously hoping there will be more books. An amazing job.


This is one of the best books I have ever read.I was transported back in time and at times felt part of the story. My heart felt heavy when Mary was sad and I felt as if I was There going through every emotion with her.Thank you Billie and God Bless you

Frances Odeh

i enjoyed this book, it gave a new light on my views of mary mother of jesus


It is very insightful and made me think....

A. DeVito

This book makes the reader feel the beauty of scenes and the horror of other scenes. Having said that, I suggest the author do a great deal more research on the foods available in the average middle-east household 2K years ago. The clothing habits should also be better researched. I enjoyed the book as a matter of pure fantasy but was distracted by the inaccuracies.

John Spencer

I was enthralled by this story. Mary's life as Jesus' mother in her own words. I felt as if I was there as an observer through her life and trials.

Valerie Pratt

This is an awesome book! It really brings Mary to life.

John Spencer

Powerful account of Mary's journey with Jesus.

Beverley Stirling

I found this book an interesting well-written read. It brought Mary to life and I found this story very credible while holding to the Biblical truths. I highly recomment this book to others.

Sheri Petersen

A wonderful look into what Mary really may have been.


It was a very heartwarming read!

Barbara Dubbeldam

This 'well researched book' has people eating potatoes in Europe 2000 years ago! That's just in the first few pages, spoiled any credibility for me


This really put me into a mindframe of understanding some of what Mary went through and stayed very true to Biblical events.


What a great story!


Billie Matejka

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