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26 Self Improvement Thoughts

1. Find a Hobby, Discover a Life
2. You Cannot Give What You Do Not Have
3. Maintain a Life While Having a Career
4. Stay Above The Circumstance
5. Make Being Happy a Discipline
6. Training Comes Before Prosperity
7. Self Promotion Through Words: The Image K iller
8. Be Passionate – Learn to Love Life
9. Get Others to Perceive You As Confident
10. Dress to Impress – How You Can Get The Look
11. How to Attract People
12. Ways to Feel Attractive
13. Ways to Increase Self Confidence
14. You’re A Winner! (You Just Might Not Have Realized It Yet)
15. How to Have The Midas Touch
16. How to Change the Type of People You Attract
17. Keys to Being Rich
18. Ways to Become a Money Magnet
19. Social Skills – Here Is How to Get Them
20. Great Ways to Introduce Yourself
21. Road to Success – Ho w to Pave It
22. How to Stop Trying to Be Perfect