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26 Self Improvement Thoughts Volume Two

How to Have the Midas Touch
There is a fairy tale about a king named Midas. Everything that he touched for a certain period of
time turned into gold. This story is where people have coined the phrase of the "Midas touch."
Another way the Midas touch is viewed is by having the ability to make things better when
touched, rather than it turning into gold. There are many people in life who seem to have a Midas
touch as they make things better. When they are the new boss at work, the employees work
harder and smarter. When they are the new coach of the team, the team players play more
together and tougher. When they are the new cook in the kitchen, the taste of the food improves.
Therefore, it is time to talk about what ability these people have to make things more advanced
when they are around.
First, in order to become a person with a Midas touch, a person needs to set goals. If they want to
get somewhere or be somebody, they have to have a vision for what they want to do. When a
person sets a goal, they start to develop the drive needed to reach them. The inward push to do
what they have imagined drives them to work harder to see their wish come to pass. The work
they put in refines their skills and makes their touch more powerful.
Another thing a person can do to develop a Midas touch is to be a giver. Being a giver opens up
multiple doors of opportunity for recognition. When a person gives, they show people what they
have to offer. People can then promote them or critique their skill. If their skill is critiqued and
found to need improvement, they must be wise to not take it as an insult. Instead, they should
improve their skill and then they will be making their personal touch more e nhanced.