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In the late 20th Century, unprecedented immigration changed completely the cultural foundations of the United States. As new majorities took over, a counter migration began as Americans moved back to ancestral countries. By 2038 the country had a new demographic makeup, so Congress empowered a Constitutional Convention to decide the future composition of the country. Some states chose annexation into Canada, Mexico, or Caribe, while others combined into new countries. In 2040, the United States was dissolved by Congress. Another event of the time was climate change that caused most of the United States to be drought-stricken, except the Northern Appalachian region where the United States constructed a huge artificial aquifer. By 2050, Atlantica, a new country, controlled the aquifer, and... Download this FREE e-book today!


The book was badly written, very badly researched , risible and plain ridiculous in its (prejudiced) assumptions. Immediately when a new character was introduced one had to wait for it racial description to see if it was a bad person ( ie hispanic or africano) or a good person ( anglo). In its haste to spit out racial stereotypes, the author did not even bother to find out that New York is spelled "Nueva York" and not "Nuevo York". I see absolutely no redeeming features and reading it was a huge waste of time.


An interesting book. It reminds me of a novel I wrote in a similar vein in 1991. Mine was set in France in 2050. I called it THE PRISM (available on Kindle). An alternative vision of the future. Today a certain number of ideas imagined in the story have come to pass, other have not, but the general trend is in the direction I imagined. Concerning the comments on grammar etc, I have been writing for twenty five years and I still find faults in my published books. I wonder how many of us can write and publish without the aid of proofreaders and grammarians. Of course a good agent would help, but that's another story. What counts is a good tale.

Jerry Duke

I highly enjoyed this book. The author keeps you interested. The plot is well thought out.I look forward to another to follow this storyline.

Excellent story superbly written!! Kept my attention and actualvco hated to see it end. I believe it could have continued w/ what happened in Paris, how aquifer made UN work better,develop intimate relationship between Elizabeth and Sloan etc. Would love it as full novel. Author is very talented and plan to donate as soon as finances allow! Well worth a price!


I enjoyed the book but I have to say the story became more and more predictable. I found the NUMEROUS typos, grammatical errors, and wrong words (eg. 'your' instead of 'you're', 'to' instead of 'too') was very off-putting and distracted me from enjoying the book.

Kimberly Hall

Loved the hope woven into the story line- very well written! Would love to read the next chapter...

Neil Haddy

The plot is very good and a chilling thought regarding our future. However, the author needs to either take some lessons in the English language or get a ghost writer because the standard of English is woeful. Aside from spelling and grammar errors throughout (I initially put it down to typos but there are too many, the language is stilted and, at times, seems very rambling. The lack of quotation marks added to the foregoing makes it quite difficult to follow at times. Keep the plot and work hard on the language and characterisation

Sara Lynn

I agree with previous reviewers on the negative points. There are a lot of typos, bad grammar, incorrect words (the writer consistently replaces "too" with "to", "they're" with "their" and "you're" with "your") and bad punctuation that can make it very confusing at times (the author rarely uses quotation marks correctly in a very dialogue-heavy book). Also it's repetitive in some areas.That said, it is still a very good story. With some heavy editing, this could be a great book. I am very glad to have read it, and was able to look past the minor errors, and even put effort into understanding the more confusing errors, because the story was so well thought out and the characters were very realistic people in a very beleivable future world. I am really very impressed with the story itself. It was inventive, but also logical in such a way that you really believe this is a possible future for the United States.

Ashesh Bharadwaj

Very nice book. I enjoyed reading it.

Marcia Burns

riveting; excellent character development.


Great book Good plotFun readGet this book

Chuck Usher

I just purchased this Kindle Fire and this was my first book. It was a great way to start. Really enjoyed it especially since I have been in the Pittsburgh area for most of my life. Thanks!


a reflection of what may become if we don't get our country back in order, by letting the greed of the rich, exhaust our resources, and deplete our economy by importing cheap insourced labor, and outsourcing the remaining jobs, left unchecked..we are certain to fall and no longer be the greatest nation earth has yet to have seen..The writing is on the wall already for everyone to see.

Peter Abraham

Good realistic theme. Poor spelling/typos makes sure that every word is read. I wonder what became of the Mafiosi?

Bohdan Ochryn

great bookkeept me interestedgood story line keep it up


A very interesting book. The viewpoints of the two main characters are played out so evenly that it's not very clear which side the author sides with. And the question of which side will win is also maintained until very near the end. There are unfortunately many typos and it is less than elegantly written. I assume these items are corrected in the various for money versions of the book I found on-line. Maybe it's a different book than an earlier reviewer or our tastes are very different. I even understood the chemistry between the characters and appreciated the divergent views expressed. Submitted Mar 2011.

Dave Richards

Wordy and stilted, no excitement. No chemistry between the heroes. Obviously written by an academic.


Dave Borland

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