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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks


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Published: 2 years ago

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The story of 2023 continues. A deadly comet is on collision trajectory with Earth and an ELE is imminent. Do the aliens really intend to save the Earth's species from certain extinction or are there more sinister reasons for their presence? Download this FREE e-Book today!

Ema , its at the bottom of this page. 2023. tells about surfing, and hang-gliding and camp outs on the beach. it would help fill out the details for ya.!claude

Michael Nass

A most enjoyable read. I couldn't wait to read this sequel after finishing the original. The story flows at a nice pace and takes the time to develop some depth so that you really appreciate the characters and story flow. It also links in nicely with historical and real settings (I have not personally visited some of these places but the way they are described makes them real to me) and integrates parts of modern scientific developments to add plausibility to the story line. Both volumes are a substantial read, and I would recommend to readers who enjoy a story which thinks outside the box a bit.


Logical and nice follow-on from the first book. Whilst the thoery is impossible it still makes for enjoyable, light entertainment. You can cruise through this at leisure.

Ron T

I enjoyed both volumes of this book. Story was line was quite intricate. my copy seemed to be missing lines or paragraphs in several places and the story ended in mid sentence, don't know if that was intentional.


Lee Hibbett what's the first book? can i find it here??? seems interesting.


I really enjoyed this book! Although at times it felt a little disjointed when it came to time frames, it was a book I may want to read again in the not too distant future! It haunted my dreams at night, and that is how I rate a books influence on how good it is. Funny the topic of this book seems so similar to something that is supposed to happen this fall! We are being told the same things by NASA that the people in this book were being told. That kind of makes you think doesn't it?? I would be interested in any sequels to this book. Life on the new planet earth with aliens could be very interesting too!

Ian Graham

An improvement on 1st book - a less tedious introduction. Could there be a 3rd book?

leslie potgieter

Hope there would be a third book!!

Larry Bailey

nice add on to the original story, looking forward to the next one

leslie potgieter

Waiting for the follow-up!!

Stephen Selko

Great read enjoyed the story very much looking forward to reading 2023 and anything that follows

Craig Iansiti

Nice finale. Thanks for a great book.


I hope.the story goes on!

Lee Hibbett

awesome story, loved the first one 2023 and I really hope there is a third. please please write it :o)


Dr. John Ivan Coby

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