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15 Powerful Ways CBmall Makes You Money

Lesson Fourteen – Banners Boost Your Profits
CBmall includes a sophisticated banner advertising system designed solely to
make you money.
Let me explain:
There are well over a hundred pages within CBmall. Most of them have banner
ads. And the vast majority of these are promoting products you will make money
on. Some of them are ClickBank products, and others promote the various
affiliate programs CBmall supports.
These banners are carefully monitored by software that tells me specifically
which are getting clicked on the most, which locations work the best, and which
banners work on which pages.
Why bother?
So I can fine-tune the placement and selection of each banner for maximum
It would be far easier to just stick a banner up and hope for the best. But I prefer
the scientific approach. In the long run, it will yield far more money to CBmall
owners. For that reason, I felt it was worth the thousands of dollars I invested in
the technology.
The banners are carefully selected to fit the page and category they are
displayed on. This means, you won't get a banner for an automobile product on
an internet advertising page.
It may seem like a little thing. Until you realize that CBmall served up nearly half
a million pages last month alone. That's a lot of banners, and a lot of chances for
CBmall owners to make money. So I want it to be done right!
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