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101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination

We could come up with a second batch of 101 tips to get you out of
your inertia, but if you don’t at least try five out of the 101 tips we’ve
just shared with you, you’ll never be in control of your own time. You
certainly are not expected to execute on all 101 tips. That would be
an impossible mission, too tall an order, and downright an unrealistic
Lester R. Bittel in his book, “Right on Time” (McGrawHill, 1991) calls
procrastination an insidious temptation that plagues all of us. What
may appear to be harmless procrastination can turn harmful - if done
to excess.
Procrastination means losing precious time, wasting valuable
resources and missing life’s golden opportunities.
Mastering your time and optimizing your resources are excellent
remedies for procrastination. But they’re not miracle cures, nor are
they instant therapies. Only you can manage the absence of
productivity in your life.
You can surround yourself with experts who excel at multi-tasking,
time management and all these nice-sounding principles emanating
from the Harvard School of Management, but if you don’t act on their
advice, procrastination will not disappear – ever.