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101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination

Tip # 101 More on the writing life
Writing contests are abundant. There are thousands in North America,
more across the Pacific, and a whole lot more in Europe and Asia.
Most of these publishing entities have web sites wherein they advertise
their monthly, quarterly and annual contests.
If you don’t know what writing contests to enter, just type “writing
contests” on any search engine and you’ll get all the information you
need: type of writing (mystery, non-fiction, poetry, novellas, flash
fiction, etc), prize money, entry fee (if any), deadline and format
If you started a story but never got around to finishing it, fish it out of
your hard drive and finish it. Don’t let the fear of rejection make you
procrastinate. “What if it’s not good enough?” “What if I’m a lousy
Heed this advice from Jeff Hermann (Writers’ Guide to Book Editors,
Publishers and Literary Agents, 2000): “In my experience, the most
insurmountable walls are the ones in your heads. No rejection is fatal
until the writer walks away from the battle leaving the written work
behind, undefended and unwanted.”