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101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination

choose to procrastinate. The sooner you accept that, the better you’ll
be able to overcome procrastination.
Tip # 2 I want NOT to procrastinate anymore
In line with tip # 1 above, once you accept that procrastination is your
weakness, the next step is to eliminate this weakness. Your desire not
to procrastinate anymore should be sincere. You need to demonstrate
that determination through small daily gestures.
Tip # 3 Mea Culpa-Take Responsibility
You’ve accepted the fact that (a) you’re a procrastinator, and (b) you
have a sincere desire to change. Now tell yourself that if you fail to
achieve a particular goal or a given task, it’s because you
procrastinated. Mea culpa. Admitting guilt is a giant step. Note,
however, that there is a huge difference between admitting guilt and
being too hard on yourself. Admitting guilt is taking ownership of your
actions. Being too hard on yourself is unjustified self-blame. Continue
from where you left off.
Tip # 4 Ask: In what ways do I procrastinate?
Ask yourself, “In what ways do I procrastinate?” Sit down with pen
and paper. Writing them will help you focus and identify them more
clearly. Here are some ways where people procrastinate:
paying bills