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101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination

diplomacy in place of ultimatums, peace, not war. This way, you’ve
done your civic duty, and you’re not procrastinating about potentially
saving a beautiful country.
Tip # 87 Headlines – they’re changing Medicare laws again
Quick, take pen and paper and send off another note. If the changes
in your country’s health care act will affect you adversely, don’t wait
for others to take up arms. Be among the first to protest. If
thousands – or millions – do the same thing and it’s an election year –
these letters might just change your leaders’ stance. Would you
rather procrastinate than pay a 25% increase in your yearly drug bill?
Tip # 88 Business – cut your losses
If you haven’t learned from the Nortel fiasco, don’t wait until the next
major stock in your portfolio turns into another Nortel – or Enron – or
Worldcom. You know what happened to the small investor – he
thought the stock, being a blue chip, might pick up momentum again.
Well, it started as a lackluster stock, and then it became sluggish,
finally becoming a junk stock. There were millions of procrastinators
waiting around for the stock market to do a 360 degree turn.
Money theorists agree. It’ll be awhile before we see another
spectacular performance like the one we jubilated over on the eve of
the millennium. Everyone felt rich when 2000 rolled around. A lot of
them are now in debt.