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101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination

VIII. Bonus tips
This section contains your bonus tips. Some you can use, some are
not relevant to you. There’s no logical order to these tips, but at least
this is a bonus that is tax free!
Your morning paper is divided into sections, and each section caters to
the needs and expectations of specific family members.
The news and business sections will be the sections for good old dad,
cooking and arts section for mom, fashion for the young teen in the
household and international politics for the budding intellectual junior.
Let’s use these sections to serve as the springboards for your bonus
tips: headlines, business, health, fashion, cuisine,
environment, real estate, and readers’ turn to write.
We repeat, there’s no logic here, only a method to the madness. Refer
back to them from time to time, when you feel your life is spiraling
down into madness and chaos. And don’t forget your mantra!
Tip # 86 Headlines – just doing my duty to the country
If your leaders are pondering war and your beliefs go the other way,
write your congressman a note – it doesn’t have to be a flawlessly
written letter. Urge him not to sign any legislation that hints at the
country taking up arms. Suggest negotiation instead of confrontation,