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101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination

drug rehabilitation now than to squander your lifetime savings on a
never-ending need for drugs. Don’t procrastinate in withdrawing –
and this isn’t a contradiction of terms. We just want to say, don’t
delay about getting treatment. You’ll suffer from withdrawal
symptoms at first, but they’re only temporary.
Tip # 85 And then there was light…
You’ve tried everything – plan A, plan B. This option, that option.
You’ve taken detours…short-cuts. Even dabbled in medieval art, of all
things. A solution is nowhere to be found. Your life is one shattered
mess and you’re feeding on the splinters. Yours is a “life of quiet
desperation,” as one famous writer once said.
There’s one person in your entourage that you’ve forgotten: your
parish priest. The reverend Jesuit, the Chief Rabbi, and the Holy Iman
– whatever religion you were born or converted into – never
procrastinate in getting that much needed spiritual guidance.
Your problems may be your wake up call to the fact that you’re
spiritually devoid and empty. Spiritual leaders rejoice and give thanks
whenever one of their prodigal sons returns to the fold. Don’t wait
until you plunge into complete darkness. There’s one flickering candle
left. Grab it and find your way out of the dark hole.