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101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination

start with little steps. It does not mean having to change our lives
But as one writer said, not procrastinating will make us appreciate the
life we have now. And as we build on the small steps, we’d be amazed
at how much we can accomplish over the years.
In deciding not to procrastinate, you may want to accompany this
determination with clear cut and well defined goals.
In other words, have a goal that is quantified, and not just qualified.
For example, saying “I will lose weight” is NOT as powerful as “I will
lose 35 pounds in 1-1/2 years.” These are concrete data you can work
with. “I will lose weight” sounds noble enough, but let’s count the
ways, shall we?
II. Self-Evaluation
Tip # 1 Everything starts and ends with the self
If someone said to you that you were a procrastinator, your immediate
reaction would be to defend yourself. “It’s his fault”, “My mother was
like that too”, “I was forced to do something I didn’t want to do”.
Some people like to blame their misfortunes on others. But the truth
is, you are equally at fault. You procrastinate because you yourself