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101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination

The benefits are immeasurable. If you stop procrastinating, you can
enjoy these benefits today.
Tip # 75 The gym can be a scary place
If you go to the gym frequently enough, you get used to seeing certain
types: the fanatics, the confident and the driven.
Then there are those who can’t look you in the eye – they’re attired in
clothes that camouflage their size and their demeanor suggests they’re
embarrassed about being in the gym at all. They look miserable,
move awkwardly, and are terrified of the machines.
You were there once. Don’t delay about giving them encouragement.
A simple, sincere smile would go a long way. Don’t give advice; don’t
offer to show them how a particular machine can be adjusted. If you
smile at them everyday, chances are by next week, they shall have
mustered enough courage to ask you to help them figure out their
fitness routine. It works all the time!
Tip # 76 You’ve reached a plateau – at the gym
Even your fitness program needs re-hashing. If you stick to the same
routine for more than 6 weeks, and you’ve got fitness goals to achieve
(stronger hamstrings as an example), then don’t let your shyness
stand in your in achieving those goals.