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101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination

VII. Self Improvement – A General Sense of Wellbeing
Tip # 74 Let’s get physical…
You’ve complained enough about your weight. Your parents are tired
of listening to you, and so are your friends. It’s been a yo-yo, on and
off, touch and go affair with the scale.
You’re only 23 but you’re overweight by twice that number. The
doctor just said that you’re a likely candidate of diabetes if you don’t
do something. See which of these statements apply to you.
“I’d feel better if I lost weight because:
I would like myself better. I’d be happier about my physical
If I learn to like myself, my friends and family would like me
better too. I’d be more positive about life, and I’d slowly build
up my self-confidence. These qualities attract people.
I’d be more comfortable in my relationships with the opposite
sex. I would stop agonizing about what they’re thinking of me
being such a fat slob. I want them to think of me as attractive,
and pleasant to be with.
My doctor would stop nagging me. My blood pressure, my
cholesterol, and my blood sugar levels would be lower, and with
some effort, I’d probably regain that old energy I had in my
My friends would respect me more and seek my opinion about
their own problems.