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101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination

earned money. Worse, your brother’s situations will deteriorate
further. You give a chronic gambler more money, what do you really
think he’s going to do with it?
Tip # 72 Aging sick parents need just a bit of your time
Your parents have lost their autonomy and are in a home for the aged.
Have you been to one of these places lately? Old sick people can’t
move around anymore and are confined to their wheelchairs all day
You see the look on their faces – the look that says they could use
some company, need to be read to, or need someone to just listen to
their troubles. Sons and daughters with families of their own and who
lead hectic lives come less often, a few have stopped coming. Think
what a pity it would be if you procrastinated in visiting.
Tip # 73 Health is wealth and many more
Health conditions need immediate attention. Don’t procrastinate in
seeing a doctor to have the following checked: growths, tumors,
change in appetite, consistent chest pain, numbness that doesn’t go
away, frequent dizziness, irregular bowel movement, loss of appetite,
depression, blood in your stool, persistent coughing, unusual changes
in the skin, or a general feeling of being unwell.