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101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination

Tip # 62 Don’t procrastinate in ensuring a smooth transition
for your successor
Your successor deserves a smooth transition. Schedule your departure
intelligently. Tie up loose ends so that you can hand over your files
and pending matters to whoever is taking over your job.
Help her succeed by not procrastinating. Type out an information
sheet resembling a Frequently Asked Question list and give it to her.
This way, when the actual transitioning takes place, you don’t waste
time addressing routine questions, leaving you more time to show her
the key aspects of your functions.
VI.Procrastination and Human Relationships
Tip # 63 Okay, so you’re not impulsive but…
“I want to think things more. I don’t want to hurt him.” How many
times have we heard that before? Men and women say they don’t
want to do anything – especially end a relationship – impulsively.
The problem is, you’re the problem. Admit it. The relationship’s been
going downhill for the last 12 months. You’ve craved for freedom
frequently, but you still can’t get to tell your mate that love’s gone out
the window.