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101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination

management no longer see eye-to-eye on your role in the whole
scheme of things, then cut your losses (emotional losses included) and
hand in your resignation.
If your salary is your sole means of support, then time your departure
in such a way that you have another job waiting for you. Don’t let a
regular paycheck or stock options or sheer convenience feed your
procrastinating habits.
Tip # 60 If you are interrupted often on the job, Smith says,
“Remain standing.”
People like to mill in and out of private offices just to make small talk.
They’re the classic procrastinators at work. If they enter your office
uninvited and appear to be engaging you in idle chatter, here is Jane
Smith’s tip (Successful Work Habits, Hodder & Stoughton, 2002):
stand up and remain standing. And don’t ask your unwanted visitor to
sit down!
Tip #61 Upgrade skills and expand knowledge base
A corporation does not need stale ideas from stale employees. Invest
the time in upgrading your skills and expanding your knowledge base.
Learn a new language, add to your repertory of software, and take
life-enhancing courses offered by your local college or university.
Don’t procrastinate, because you’ll never know when your company
will create a position requiring a foreign language.