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101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination

Study the short term goals versus the long term goals. Remember:
companies measure your performance using certain parameters. One
wrong move and it will obliterate all the good deed you did the month
before. Don’t give them the satisfaction of labeling you a
Tip # 37 Hone that keen sense of smell
If you’ve developed a strong sense of smell and have judged character
with surprising accuracy, use that to your advantage. Try to
distinguish the good colleagues from the back stabbers.
It’s easy to receive cooperation from the good ones, harder from the
blockers or those who resent you. If hostile feelings are preventing
you from doing an effective job, don’t procrastinate because you
dislike confrontation.
Deal with the problem. Nip it in the bud, as they say. Try every trick
in the book to win their confidence and trust. Help them not to
procrastinate so that you don’t procrastinate.
Tip #38 Procrastinating can lead to tunnel vision
If you analyze a lot, you could get paralyzed and stay stuck analysis
mode. This could lead to tunnel vision.
If you eliminate procrastination from your life, you avoid tunnel vision.
As Jane Smith said, “there is always more than one way to get to
where you want to be. Make the effort to look for the alternatives