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101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination

Tip # 35 Don’t live in the gym
We agree, staying fit is important. You need muscles and brawn to
keep you in tip top shape for jogging from one classroom to another.
Plus, the gym is a great way to unwind and…meet next Saturday
night’s date. Nothing wrong with toning those muscles, but have you
procrastinated enough doing something for your brain as well?
The brain also needs to be stretched and maximized to earn that ticket
to an Ivy League university later. Go ahead and shape up, but don’t
let your six pack abs get in the way of meaningful school work.
V. Procrastination at the Work Place
Tip # 36 Job description is your main guide
You got that much coveted job. It’s tailored fit to your skills and
experience. The perfect job, congratulations!
So as not to procrastinate in this new job the way you did in the
previous one, sit down and examine your job closely with a fine-
toothed comb. Assess what the priorities might look like, and what the
most difficult tasks will be, based on your past experience.
Then map out a navigation chart, with AVOID PROCRASTINATING as
your guiding principle. Imagine different situations that might occur,
and the relationships you need to cultivate and nurture that will help
you accomplish your objectives.