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101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination

Map out dates with corresponding academic tasks, revising if
necessary. If certain projects require extensive research, tackle those
first. Last minute researching – procrastinating – in other words –
may affect your chances of getting an “A.”
Tip # 27 School’s a fun place to hang out, but…
Teens are at that time of their lives where socializing is their # 1
priority. They prefer hanging out with their friends instead of with
mom and dad; it’s only natural therefore that some teens consider
school as the extended party place.
And spending time with their friends is an excellent excuse for
postponing school work. When you’re spending too much time in the
corridors, locker rooms or cafeteria discussing next Saturday’s disco
dance, your academic work will lag behind.
To avoid the school principal calling your parents, be reasonable about
academic work. Submit papers and assignments on time.
To illustrate: if you’ve got a paper due in two days where you need to
research on the social instincts of Neanderthals and their need for
company, tell your friends politely that no, you can’t join them at the
mall after school.
Go seek refuge in the library instead, pick a quiet and inconspicuous
corner where you can’t be interrupted. Pore over the Neanderthal
books and write a smashing essay. Hanging out in the mall won’t tell
you much about their social instincts!