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101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination

IV Procrastination in School
Tip # 25 Take your cue from the professor’s lesson plans
On the first day of school, professors customarily hand out lesson
plans for the semester or the quarter, depending on what school
system you’re in.
The lesson plans include the main textbooks to be used,
supplementary reading material, project submission dates, and exam
dates. Treat this lesson plan as your guide for avoiding
procrastination. Academic procrastination can be disastrous if not
reined in properly!
Tip # 26 Use the lesson plan to identify the short and long
term assignments
Professors are efficient creatures. They schedule out assignments
appropriately so they too are not overburdened with term papers and
exam booklets. If they were overloaded, they’d have to procrastinate
in tallying final grades, leaving that task at the last minute.
So professors mean business when they write “to be handed in by….”
Use their lesson plans to arrange your own schedule. Take an hour or
two and spend the time in the library reviewing all your lesson plans
for the semester.