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101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination

interrupting with the smooth operation of the heating coils. Why wait
for it to break down, necessitating costly repair or replacement bills?
Prepare a check list of appliances that need to be inspected and ensure
that your maintenance records are in order.
Tip # 23 Healthy eating – plan the menu ahead of time
Procrastinating leads to fast food. We can prove this easily. Last
weekend, you ordered pizza and cokes for the family because you
didn’t have time to cook.
You vow that from now on, your family will eat only healthy meals.
You decide to shop for ingredients early in the week. The weekend’s
here and nothing was bought, because you kept putting it off.
Tip # 24 Oh, what a slimy garden…
The garden is one part of the house where everyone loves to spend
nice summer evenings. But spring arrives and no one dares to stay in
the garden because it’s unkempt. Someone’s got to pick up the shovel
and the pruners soon; include the garden in your list of tasks for next
spring. Remember to share the work: let someone take the lawn,
someone else take the flower beds, another member the fence, and so
on. Make it a communal effort.