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101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination

Tip # 16 Encourage them not to replace old junk with new
It can be a vicious cycle. Just as we managed to clear the house of
unwanted bric-a-brac, in come new ones. Explain to your family that
there was a specific reason for clearing junk. Old clutter should not be
replaced with new clutter. Encourage them to think twice before
acquiring additional material possessions. Examples:
Will I consult this book more than once, or is it just for one
school assignment? Maybe I can borrow it from the library
The hubby loves tools. He spends his weekly allowance on
them. He just filled up an entire wall with all kinds of
tools. Ask him which ones he hasn’t used for 6 months
and ask him to throw them away.
The clothes in your closet. Which of them have you not
worn for six months? Call the Salvation Army or the
recycling center.
As soon as the closet is half-full, and you can finally see the wall of
your closet, you’ll be inspired to re-organize your whole bedroom:
dressers, commode and night table drawers – shoe racks included!
Tip # 17 Don’t let your house budget stick out like a sore
Budgeting for house expenses is a chore people put off indefinitely.
They know something is wrong with the budget; bills pile up and