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101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination

III. Procrastination at Home
Tip # 14 Keep it simple
This is a common advice. Simplifying your life means a simpler,
uncluttered way of living. Get rid of grit and gunk from your house.
When your house overflows with objects, it tends to distract you. And
we all know what happens when there is too much distraction. It
prevents you from thinking and acting intelligently, hence you
Go around your house and make a list of everything you don’t really
need. For instance, do you really need three toasters in the kitchen?
One hasn’t been working for months. You either dispose of it or have
it fixed.
Tip # 15 Ask family members to do an “inventory”
Ask your husband and children to do an inventory of clutter. Your
husband can do the garage and the basement. Your children can do
their bedrooms. Stipulate that you need their lists in three days, no
later. Explain to them why junk has to be eliminated from the house.
If you explain your intentions clearly, they will understand and would
be more willing to cooperate. Tell them that the house needs a much
needed airing, and when all the junk disappears, so will the