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101 Romantic Ideas to Woo Her

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Published: 3 years ago

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Author: Michael Webb

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In this eBook, you will learn 101 romantic ways of impressing her. These are fantastic, out of the box ideas and you will also have access to a ton of other resources to look at.

shekhar marathe

The ideas are innovative........and will really work

Adam Garza

it works wonders for me to do little things that show i appreciate her.


i will put in on his desk so that he reads that


It's really intresting and funny!!Everybody should read it!!

Shirza Hussain

Really, Good Romantic Ideas. Fantastic

sally salter

purely for the comedy value!! lol


It's a good book I like it

Carl Unbehaun

It wasn't bad--just not good either. Clunky writing.


it is nice to get these information. I am impressed.

Kheu Hwi Chen

all these Ideas really "woo" her.. so sweet

Amal Ameeen

Very brief and useful,thanks!!


great fantastic ideas! love it


to J.C.K, most men don't to read this kind of book(coz they don't care about their girlfriend's feelings,......yep, most guys are jerks naturally, i am too, but trying to change......) and please realize, we are not really mind readers like you, we don't know what is romantic to you, so whatever romantic act you get from your man is not an original. somebody told him, a girl is really really lucky if her man does what he has heard or read or watched, it means that he give a hoot about you emotions........

elias afwenye

it a very good book and am love it


this kind of romantics ideas what i like.

J. C. K.

Some things in there are not that great or don't fit to everyone (example: I have long hair, but I hate it when someone else brushes it - it hurts most of the times!), and in some ways it's nearly cheating - because if the woman knew that you do all this stuff because someone else had the idea and told you what to do, she might feel a bit deceived. But nontheless, there are some really great ideas in there, and it might be a livesaver for men who don't know what "being romantic" is supposed to mean. Here you can learn it! And maybe come up with your own ideas some day. ;o)


The ideas are really sweet. This should be a handbook for guys who are wooing.

Eric Achola

Great book that will revitalize any individual


Wonderful, I have never come across this kind of a book.


awesome,wow, brilliant,well done


its sweet but some things are really out there.


Michael Webb

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