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10 Tips to Get the Best from Your Tarot Reading

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Published: 3 years ago

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Author: Angie Anderson

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Understand Tarot Readings without the mystification Curious how the cards work or need reassurance? Or maybe you're learning to read the cards yourself and you would like to understand a little more about how they work? The tips in this e-book will help you enormously! It won't teach you to read the Tarot, nor give the meanings of the cards, though it will help if you are learning to read the cards. It will help you: Gain the most from your next Tarot reading. Better understand your own role in the way the cards express their story. Offer insights so you can understand how the energy behind the Tarot cards works.


I just got my first Tarot deck to learn and this was a very good book to start with. I want to read, but it also helps to have insight of what the person being read feel and how to help them hhave the best experience possible. Thank you.

Nurse Deborah Wesson

I have been reading cards for over 2o years, and let everyone know I don't know when their family members will die, and other questions like that.I am able to tell them things that they have no idea, or had been told it wasn't true when they were little, only for me to mention something, and this is when they find the truth.I love to do reading with people who speak no english at all, as it is not about words that connect me to these people who just pop into my life as I know why they are. I end up with more of a gift from doing this work than they will ever know, and I make sure I tell them too! I call the "My White Reading Cards" as I do nothing with anything dark at all. Peace, love, and harmony to all,Deborah

Ayse Butcher Avci

greati!, it eliminated all my worries about tarot reading. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Cheryl Marois

Just What I needed


Really helpful information, especially the last two tips. It will help me when it comes to my next tarot reading.


Angie Anderson

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