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Hypotheses On Ulysses

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Published: 4 years ago

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Author: Antonio Mercurio


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This FREE, ready for download eBook presents a new way of interpreting Homer's Odyssey that is ingenious, beautiful, and elegant. It is an interpretation based on the theory of Cosmo-Art, that unites Heaven and Earth, life and death, men and women, pain and wisdom; and reveals the profound meaning of Homer’s ideas on how to reach immortality through the creation of secondary beauty, which is the result of a fusion of cosmic and human forces. Download now!


I think Anthonio was just trying to express the simple logic of Man establishing the symbiosis of metaphysical beings in the name of "gods" or "deities"....which is a portrayal of the never ending search for the true purpose of man's origination and existence

Becky Mullins

Not my cup of tea

Lilliana Martinez

I think it's weird, but maybe I just need to read the Odyssey again...I haven't read it in years.


The wonderful interpretation of the Odyssey performed by Antonio Mercurio, among many meanings, also has the advantage of being a book of high educational pedagogy. For this reason it is a text that should be adopted in schools, which surely will eventually, hopefully soon.


The interpretation of the Odyssey made by Antonio Mercury is an epitome of truth, wisdom and beauty that charms the mind, heart and spirit, as this reading was done with extreme passion and love for man and for this I'm the book is a great gift for all those who would benefit from it. The gift is always the genuine fruit of love. It is the fruit of love and awareness. I believe this book will change the world. And we all know what it needs to change soon in order to stop the race towards nothing which we are in our troubled times.


E' bellissimo


E' un gioiello che adorna la corona preziosa dei libri di Antonio Mercurio


E' una miniera dalla quale escono bellissime pietre preziose per la vita di ognuno

anna di bello

è un libro bellissimo e prezioso e al quale faccio continuamente riferimento nella mia vita


a possibility for the human kind' evolution!


è un percorso reale non fantasioso. Grazie


Thank you for this wonderful dream

Daniele Gabriele

This is a revolutionary book!


Molto interessante sia sul piano psicologico che antropologico e filosofico...

Francesco Palazzo

Thank you for this wonderful dream


Antonio Mercurio

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