E-Reader Device Preferences for Fiction vs. Nonfiction

Have you noticed that generally speaking, there are two kind of people in the world – those who are fans of fiction and others who would rather spend their time absorbing nonfiction content? A researcher in Europe did, and that inspired him to conduct research to determine how those taste preferences impact the selection of an e-book reading device.

Which Kind of Reader are You?

All you have to do to confirm this phenomenon is to suggest a new nonfiction title for the novel-loving members of your book club to read. Then sit back and watch the fireworks

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Summer Reading: Why Audiobooks are the way to go!

“Beach reading” conjures up ultra-light fiction for lazy summer days spent soaking up the sun. You leave behind the bleakly serious academic literature, the strictly composed 18th century poetry, the epic tomes, and the fact-based nonfiction. All of those bulky  textbooks stay at home, too, gathering dust until autumn. Now is the time for easy, breezy, reading meant for pure entertainment. You want the kind of fun reading you can do while sipping a cool beverage at your favorite oceanside, poolside, or lakeside destination.

The Carefree Option

But when you want the ultimate summer reading experience, tune out

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World Cup Reading for E-Book Fans: Two winning choices.

World Cup fever is spreading like a fan pandemic as teams from nations across the globe converge in Brazil to compete for the coveted 2014 World Cup playoffs title.

Billions of viewers have already witnessed incredible upsets, nail-biting finishes, last-minute winning goals, and plenty of drama – both on the turf and away from the stadium. Meanwhile the field of contenders is narrowing as the excitement builds toward a crescendo and grand finale. Anything can happen in this tournament, which is why football – or soccer if you prefer the United States lingo – is the most popular

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