Now’s the Time to Scare Up Some Halloween Reading

Because the end of summer heralds the start of winter, many people depend on the October crop harvest for their survival. That’s one reason why performing rituals to keep evil away during the cold, dark days ahead gave rise to the tradition we now know as Halloween.

Children and grownups alike enjoy celebrating the biggest costume, ghost story, and candy giveaway holiday of the year – Halloween or All Hallows Eve. To help you get into the ghostly and witchy spirit of the season, here is some interesting information about this rather curious and peculiar holiday – along

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Imagine the biggest brick and mortar bookstore in a major city like New York or Los Angeles. Huge, huh? Now picture this. If was an actual brick and mortar library or bookstore it would have to be at least 300 million square feet large in order to safely and comfortably hold all its customers at one time.

Celebrating the 5,000,000 Mark

That’s 150 times bigger than the Library of Congress and 200 times larger than the main building housing the Smithsonian Museum!

Why so big, you ask? Well, we are thrilled and proud to announce that this

Read More Celebrates Half a Million Facebook Fans! now has over 500,000 Facebook fans! Thank you to everyone from around the world that’s joined us in making this such a fantastic community. Just to put that into perspective, half a million people is at least 100,000 more than the whole city of Liverpool, England – home of the Beatles! According to the Guinness Book of World Records the most fireworks ever used at once was also 500,000, during an event in Dubai, and when we found out we hit the half a million mark believe me, we felt like celebrating with that kind of fireworks

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