Father’s Day Photo Caption Contest

Father’s Day is a time to honor our dad, step father or the male figure in our lives. Someone that did something for you. Gave you advice. Free-ebooks.net wants to celebrate that man with you!

Submit a caption for the Tadao Cern photo below. The top 5 captions [determined by the most 'Likes'] will be posted on June 13th on a Poll where you can vote one more time on your favorite. We’ll announce the Top 3 winners 12pm ET Friday, June 14th.

3rd Prize is a 30-Day VIP membership to Free-ebooks.net

2nd Prize is a 6-Month VIP membership to Free-ebooks.net

1st Prize is a 1-Year VIP membership to Free-ebooks.net and a $10 Amazon gift certificate.

Winners will be based on votes so invite all your family and friends to vote for you!

NOTE: Thanks Tadao Cern for the use of the image, please visit his Facebook Fan Page at http://ow.ly/bswSN … for more fantastic images. You’ll LYAO!


  • http://www.terrancecollier.com/ Terrance Collier

    Caption entry: “I WAS a FROG!”

  • Nngenda

    how do I enter a caption?

  • Tallin

    Caption entry: “I fixed the air vent! I think!”

  • Suelabine

    Honey, you’re hair dryer is fixed

  • Margiemindel

    Boy, do I love roller-coasters!

  • Margiemindel

    Whee-haw! My dad’s a prize stallion; I look just like him!

  • Mannelltoni

    WOW! That hair gel certainly has a kick to it!

  • Saby John

    Dad met Shrek’s donkey and learnt a few expressions recently!

  • http://www.facebook.com/florian.rutahindurwa Florian Rutahindurwa

    “Hey!! Eve!!, the dental is back,how about that “diner-sour” drumstick!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jane-E-Blackford/644985776 Jane E Blackford

    Well, you told me to swallow my words, just a few were a bit big!

  • shirley v john

    A promotion,hurraa…wait a triplet dad again!….eghaaad!!

  • Jmh111870

    CarrotTop got nothing on me!

  • Puneet

    This is the reaction my dad gives when he looks his face!! every morning!!! feels aged!!!
    I luv u Dad!!!

  • Lance

    Dang girls left the hairdryer on high again!

  • Lance

    I’ve been watching way too much Mr. Ed.

  • Macpete

    I thought this only happed when you skydive!

  • Macpete

    Mom always said my face would freeze this way if I didn’t cut it out.

  • Lance_peterson

    This is one killer air conditioner. I like it!

  • Macpete

    OK kids, who left the door open again?

  • Elliottt Teters

    I should have listened when dad said my face would stick like this if I kept it up.

  • Sassywit

    This picture is proof that winning the Powerball jackpot is the way to a cheap and instant face lift!

  • Raged_geard


  • Bbunny17

    This is proof that dogs have the evolutionary advantage over humans to stick their heads out of a vehicle moving at 100 mph and not have this happen to them!

  • Mjf501

    Fathers Day…alone with all my kids.

  • M C

    No, having kids hasn’t changed me at all!