eBookEnvy.com Author Interview Series – Jeanette Cooper

This week, we interview Jeanette Cooper, author of Desperate Choices:

eBookEnvy: Tell us a little about you, your writing, your passions

Jeanette Cooper: Like most young girls during my youth, my first writing experience began with diary writing. I kept a diary and wrote daily in it. It was my private world of thoughts—or at least I thought so until I discovered my siblings invading my privacy and reading everything I wrote. I was so upset, I destroyed my diary and not long after that, I began writing simple childish stories about things that I

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The Other Winfrey?

You most likely know Oprah but did you know there’s another Winfrey? Find out how Shakeeta Winfrey, Oprah’s cousin, has handled living in the shadow of her famous kin during this colorful interview. Hear how she went from “exotic dancer to executive” and the hurdles she had to overcome, all while comparing herself to the fame and fortune right in her own family. You’ll be inspired.

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What Happened To Your FACE?

This is what you might be asking yourself one day in the mirror. Find out how you can use natural skin care to improve your skin tone while avoiding those dreaded wrinkles, stop sagging skin and unwanted skin discoloration. Join me as I question Leah Day about her simple solution of making your own natural skin care regime and products.

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