Popularity of E-Book Subscriptions Surges

Free-eBooks.net was on the cutting edge of innovation when it first launched about eight years ago. Since then it has emerged as a leading site for global downloading of e-books, serving millions of people in dozens of languages who have downloaded more than 20 million books. During that time the rest of the reading and publishing universe has also caught up and gotten into the game, and now e-books are even being used in colleges and university classrooms.

The Emergence of Mainstream Subscription Services

Digital subscription services were virtually unknown a decade ago, and when Netflix first launched

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Choosing a Great E-Reader Backpack for Spring

Warm weather is here – or will be soon for those who are still experiencing an unusually long winter. That means heading into the great outdoors – whether in a busy urban environment or in the natural wilderness. You may be headed to the subway, the nearest bike path, the beach, or to the mountains for some hiking or camping.

Maybe you’re just going to hang out in the park or enjoy a lunchtime picnic. Whatever the situation may be, you’ll want to have convenient options for bringing along your e-reader gadget as a trusted companion. As the

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EU Taxes E-Books More than Traditional Printed Books

Unless you live in Europe or are the business of selling books to European markets, you might not even be aware that there has been a movement afoot in European Union (EU) courts related to the tax on e-books. But for some people, particularly those in France and Luxembourg, the ruling handed down this month by the powerful and influential Court of Justice of the European Union is a pretty big deal. That’s because the Valued Added Tax or VAT that is charged to those who purchase e-books in those nations just surged about 15%

What is VAT?

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