Will Amazon and Hachette Bury the Hatchet? The ongoing saga and what it means for you, the reader.

Many consumers as well as investors are still wondering what will become of the dispute between bookselling giant Amazon and the major e-book publishing company Hachette. The spat has created some great drama and has plot twists you might expect to find in a thriller novel. As you may recall, the initial disagreement between the former business partners occurred when Amazon and Hachette reached an impasse in their negotiations regarding prices of Hachette books. Hachette wanted to reserve pricing control and set its own amounts, whereas Amazon – which is known for selling deeply discounted books – said

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E-books and Younger Readers: Questions and answers for concerned parents

Many parents want to introduce their children to electronic devices, including e-readers, but they first want to gain as much understanding as possible to ensure they make wise, healthy decisions. One of the big questions is whether or not e-readers have an advantage over traditional books in terms of boosting literacy rates. Many schools are beginning to use e-readers in the classroom, for instance, while parents are downloading apps that claim to accelerate reading skills for pre-schoolers. So let’s look at some of the information that sheds light on the value of e-books for young students as compared

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Back to School with e-Books: Are they healthy for children?

Kids everywhere are heading back to school this month, and many of them are armed with digital technology, including e-books and e-readers. But parents and educators sometimes wonder if staring at an electronic screen instead of a traditional book may cause undue strain on the eyes of youngsters.

Because the popular technology is still relatively new, there are not yet sufficient studies or research results to answer all of the questions or satisfy everyone’s e-book curiosity. But there are some informed conclusions that can be reached with help from a pediatrician who was interviewed last year about this

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