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Best Books: Lifestyle

1 28 Days to Success

28 Days to Success

Tommy Macken | Self-Improvement


A powerful experience in indirect life coaching.Tommy will help you contemplate your life, review your dreams, set goals and design a plan as you move forward in life. Tommy helps you assess your life now, discover what's holding you back. Tommy gives daily talks to display the characteristics of successful people. He sets daily tasks to help...

2 As The Eagle Cries: Sharon's Journey Home

As The Eagle Cries: Sharon's Journey Home

Carol A. Freeman | Body & Spirit


This is the story of a young woman, misdiagnosed with a bipolar disorder, her accident, and subsequent coma. Her mother begins a quest for answers, questioning her own spiritual beliefs. She finds self-discovery, guidance, and the peace that she desperately seeks in the teachings and traditions of Native American (Lakota) spirituality. It is only...

3 Our Invisible Bodies

Our Invisible Bodies

Jay Alfred | Science


This book is a popular introduction to Dark Plasma Theory which discusses mounting evidence that Earth may be sitting inside a halo of exotic dark matter particles in the plasma state i.e. "dark plasma". This dark halo is believed to have provided the habitat for dark plasma life forms to evolve, including entities that we have loosely...

4 22 Powerful Tools to Transform Your Fear into Happiness, Peace, & Inspiration

22 Powerful Tools to Transform Your Fear into Happiness, Peace, & Inspiration

Evolution Ezine Readers | Self-Improvement


22 Ways to Transform your Fear into Happiness, Peace, And Inspiration. Learn why fear limits your potential. See the Collective Fears and how they are fed to you. Learn how to connect with your positive energy and stay present in the moment. Learn how to re-write your fear map! Learn how to free your mind with inspiration and wisdom.

5 Change Your Mind - Change Your Life

Change Your Mind - Change Your Life

Leon Van Keulen | Body & Spirit


When did you decide to live the life that you are leading now? When did you decide on the job that you have, and against the job that you want? When did you decide that the money you make now is all that you can make? Did you decide? This FREE e-Book focuses on your future and how the decisions that you are making today will create your future...

6 Rock Star Recipes (The Celebrity Diet)

Rock Star Recipes (The Celebrity Diet)

Anand Bhatt | Food/Recipes


Low Carb, Low Fat, Vegetarian/Vegan, Seafood, High Protein, Snacks, Drinks and more are featured in this award winning book from Hollywood Celebrity Anand Bhatt. ROCK STAR RECIPES offers celebrity recipes and lifestyle tips that everyone can use to stay fit, healthy, and indulged! Rock Star Recipes are quick, easy, and effective no matter how...

7 Deal or No Deal; The True Meaning of Life

Deal or No Deal; The True Meaning of Life

Wade Welch | Philosophy


Ten years of research defining the purpose of life.

8 How to Reduce Everyday Pain and Inflammation in Your Body!

How to Reduce Everyday Pain and Inflammation in Your Body!

Todd M. Cambio, CSCS | Health


Does your back hurt? How about your knees? Maybe even your hips or shoulders? Well, most people rely on medication to alleviate the problem. That method just gives temporary relief without ever fixing the issue(s). Download this FREE e-Book, and you will learn which foods bring down inflammation (which causes pain) in the body, and exercises that...

9 A Simple Plan to Create the New You

A Simple Plan to Create the New You

Jim Cooper | Health


Four years ago I was told by my doctor that I had to lose 22lbs. I never had to lose weight before so I had no idea how to accomplish this goal. A Simple Plan To Create The New You reveals the straight forward and easy to follow plan I used to lose 25lbs. keep it off.

10 Talking With Your Angels

Talking With Your Angels

Lori Meyer | Body & Spirit


Angels are all around us. Whether you realize it or not, you are surrounded by heavenly beings that are here to help you. Not only do they want to help you, their purpose in your life is to help you in every area. Discover how to communicate with your angels with my new ebook. Learn automatic writing and a meditation technique to connect with...