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Best Books: Business

1 Instagram 2016 Domination

Instagram 2016 Domination

Samuel Ohonin | Business


Learn how to turn your Instagram profile into a thriving online business. Discover the secret of high engaging Instagram accounts and learn how to build a massive following to get more sales in your business.

2 Time Management and Productivity

Time Management and Productivity

Ken Seaney | Business


This handy guide for time management and productivity was written specifically for busy entrepreneurs, small business owners, home business owners and the self-employed to show them easy ways to save time and get more accomplished. Inside you'll find simple but effective techniques that can be used right away to gain back valuable time in your...

3 Systemize Your Business

Systemize Your Business

Rafael D' Jesus Ferreras Castillo | Business


You'll find out: * What is systemization and how you can take advantage of it* How you can completely automate your entire business using a few simple methods * What you can learn from the book The E-Myth * How McDonald's became one of the most popular franchises in the world, and how you can model its "system". * How and what to outsource...

4 15 Best Questions For Effective Employee Evaluation

15 Best Questions For Effective Employee Evaluation

GroSum | Business


Employee Evaluations have been under tremendous scrutiny in the last year or so and we need to deal with it. So we decided to come out with a book which helps you to devise the best employee evaluation questions which are personalized and coaching based.How’d you like to have a look at the most effective questions to evaluate employees during...

5 The Proverbs on Wealth, Wisdom, Household and Business

The Proverbs on Wealth, Wisdom, Household and Business

Ryan M. Marks | Business


This book compiles the book of proverbs and a few other Scriptures on God's design for wealth, wisdom, households and business operations.

6 Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Dick Polipnick | Business


Written by Dick Polipnick, who has over nine thousand followers on Twitter and has produced YouTube videos that have rankings on the top three search results. Ever wonder how you can take advantage of 21st century technology to make money? Want to grow your social media platforms? Wish you had another source of income, or even make enough...

7 5 KRA for Performance Appraisals to Make it Effective

5 KRA for Performance Appraisals to Make it Effective

GroSum | Business


Performance Reviews and Appraisals are here to stay, Period.So instead of declaring them as doomsday events, let's strive to make the process a little better. How can we do that ? May be make it more frequent, more regular feedback, more personalized Review.So here are important KRAs for your Performance Appraisals to make them effective.

8 Residual Income for Morons

Residual Income for Morons

Dave Penman | Business


John D. Rockefeller states, “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own efforts.”Whether it’s selling, writing, website building, traffic building, shipping, payment handling, or anything else that is stopping you, this book will give you the information on how to start making residual money online. Residual...

9 The 7 Tips To Be Limitless

The 7 Tips To Be Limitless

Sequoyah Sanders | Business


Have you ever wanted to do something but couldn't because you didn't have the freedom or the ability to? Well, this book is seven proven tips to help you become limitless and able to do anything you wish!

10 The Art of Presenting Successfully

The Art of Presenting Successfully

Pavlos Pavlides | Business


"The Art of Presenting Successfully" is a complete guide for preparing and delivering presentations in the professional and the academic environment. It analyses the elements of presentations and what you need to know about establishing effective communication. It is written in an easy-to-read format. It contains useful and practical...